It’s Time

Is it time yet? are the words I’ve been praying asking God where He wanted me to be in my ministry. I know I have a calling on my life to preach but where? Where do I go? These words have been spoken so many times.

Ever since I started preaching I knew I was supposed to be working with youth in some fashion or form. I started as a leader but I knew God had a higher calling. I’ve remembered the Words that the Holy Spirit spoke to me once “I have called you to raise up a generation” those words has never left me and I knew one day I would see those words come to life. But like everything there is a process in the waiting and I was waiting for those words to come to pass.

My co worker told me of a revival that was going on at his church so I stopped by expecting a Word from God. Near the end of the service they formed a prayer line, for some reason I didn’t want to go at first. But then as myself and one other was the only one that didn’t go I went ahead and got in line. And I’m glad I did, as the evangelist passed by me he paused and told me to “Rise up, it’s time for you to rise” I knew exactly what He was saying. It’s time!

Ecclesiastes 3 says  ” For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.”

I’m scared but yet exited. Frightened but yet ready. So much to do and not enough time. But I know the plans that He has for my life and I’m ready to take the time and start working!


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