The Finish Line

Can you finish a race by only running half way? I’m afraid not. What about running without endurance? Nope. Neither can you live a Christian life and not give all to Jesus. It was a night that I had prayed for bondage’s to be broken in the church, you know those “pet sins” that we […]

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What Distracts You?

What is it, that one thing that ends up taking your eye off the prize? A certain temptation, a sin, a weight? We all get distracted from time to time. More like everyday. Our busy schedules, our deadlines and commutes to and from work is enough to put the normal Joe in a tight spot. […]

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What faith is: A Resource of Power

  A Resource of Power Noah’s power to live triumphantly among his unbelieving contemporaries was a triumph of grace and faith. No man could be expected to find in himself the resources to live as he lived. He had the power to take decisive action as his society drifted toward self – destruction. He exhibited […]

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