Poetry is a song of the heart. A deep emotion that cries out to God, that only one can express his/her moments, expressions in words to our God. 

Through the Valley

You hold my hand through the valley deep
every winding turn and mountain peak
the journey is far and the way is narrow
but I’ll never be alone because you are able

What Do I Have Need of?

Where have I to Go?
Other than in your arms to rest,
for this World has nothing for me but emptiness.

It Was Him

In the beauty of His majesty who reminds me of His Grace
Has rescued me beyond my own capabilities.
My strength failed and so did my pride.
My ambitions, my views on life were exposed.
For me to proclaim Him as the only source
It was Him that I chose.


Move in a way that you’ve never moved before,
Show me things I’ve never seen,
Take me by the hand and take me to a secret place.
All my heart is longing is to see your face,
Nothing more in my way, move me past the veil once more
I am longing to see your face.

The Redeemed

Even though the Earth has been my home
There is one that I belong;
Will not fade or go away
Just like the blood and Jesus’ name

Who has taken the stripes
Pierced His hands for my life
I shall never forget that day
That His blood washed my sins away

My time here on Earth is short
Now I shall carry on
Telling others about the One I love
And the power of the Cross

This Life

All my days are Yours,
My life I give to you O Lord.

I want to be used by You,
Nothing in the way of our pursuit
I surrender all right now,
Until it consumes every doubt.


He is the mender of broken hearts,
A God who never forgets where you are,
The sustainer of all life;
No matter how far you run or hide.
He is in the midst of you.

In The Silence

In the silence is when I find you the most,
In turmoil and distress I seek your face;
Hoping to find what I need and hear from a God who understands my inner fears and my hearts distress.

It’s in You that I find rest, none other than in the Cross which forgives all of my sins. How could I forget the debt that I had to have paid through death

If it wasn’t for You my life wouldn’t be this way.

Remind me everyday of the cost that saved my life
Which saved me from my selfish ways
Into the glorious realm of your grace.

Set Sail

I have a longing I cannot satisfy, but only with Your love I find.
The peace that surpasses all understanding and the joy I cannot hide.
You are the wind that moves my sail abroad, into the deepest parts of your heart where the hidden things are.

Weary Dweller

I’m a stranger in a distant land.
Ready for a change, ready for a new plan,
But you say to me “O, weary dweller where is your heart?”
“Where are you going so fast?”

I’m running to you with all my heart
These walls are a fortress that I cannot escape
I cry out but they keep me contained,
Hear me out, I want to change!

Make me a man of virtue of strength
To never forget your teachings or run from your Grace.

You have shown me great and many wonders of what you can do,
Your Word declares there is nothing to hard for You.

Lead me on as I take your hand,
Up from these walls into your new plan
With Truth and righteous leading me on,
I will have no fear I will run on.


Who can awaken the heart and make it beat?
Who can mend it once it’s torn apart?
Speaks to it and makes it rest?
Walks into it and calms distress,
Who can stir the embers into a fury mess
That will wreck our plans for His glory sake.

It is God alone who can touch, heal, speak and set ablaze
The heart that once was lost, dying or just needed a restart.

 This Journey Called Life

My own desires and passions have swallowed me so deep
That I had replaced them with nothing but bitter-sweet melodies that at times make me want to scream.

I walk aimlessly through the day awaiting Your leading, Your direction and without patience I make my move
Finding out that I have went down the wrong path.

But through it all You lead me out so that I may try again.
You tell me, one foot behind Me, one hand in Mine as we journey along this journey called life.

Stumbling in the Night

My eyes have wandered far from You;
Your purpose in which I was created for.
My eyes have wreaked havoc upon Your heart
As I fill myself from empty wells as if they were to satisfy my thirst.

How long can I drink from these empty wells that creep upon me
In the mid night hours calling out for my attention?

For if I have found joy in You, where is my strength?
It has vanished as if it were not here.
Or have I misplaced it while chasing empty wells?

Worldly Trials

You’ll find this World to have heartache, trials and pain that tests your faith.
But don’t look back; look ahead unto Jesus and stand,
Do not move nor be afraid His love will guide you rest of the way.
When you are weary in well-doing, hold up the Cross don’t let it fall.
Pray for strength to carry on, almost done for you are almost home.

You Alone

You alone have my heart my all, my life,
No one could play your part.
The blind can see, the lepers cleansed
for all to see your beauty displayed
You are the Great I Am.

The Greatest Plan

The one’s who are thriving are watching those who are striving on the sidelines of poverty, Without no intention’s of a helping hand, they fade into the background of a lost plan.

A plan to prosper, a plan to have, a plan to do the impossible, a plan to change because they can; If only those who are thriving would surrender all to the cause of this, How different would it be?

The lame, the blind, the poor whose hand would be met with the hand of a thriving man to pray for. The addict who has lost sense of time as his pain recurs with every sip of the bottle; The pill, the pleasure of pleasing the nature of man in this lost plan, As he spirals down into a hopeless lifestyle of not knowing the greatest plan of all time.

A plan of hope, of freedom, to walk in the Truth which has the greatest reward. Let those who are thriving to reach out across this land to tell the weak, help the poor, heal the lame, Open the blinded eyes to see the greatest man of all time who is Jesus Christ.


Open the eyes of those who are blind
Speak to those who are deaf
Wash those who are in sin
They need a second chance to live.
Speak to the hearts who have gone astray,
Remind them of your love that was shed for them that day,
Show them that you care, after all you’re the reason why were here.

Right Here

Your right here with me
I don’t have to worry about anything,
You have it all under control, it’s not mine, it’s yours to hold.

After all you are, my everything.
I gave you the key to this heart of mine, so you could take all the hurt inside.
Now i can let it go for you to rescue my soul.
I need you now more than anything i know, your right here at home.

He is the King

The fire in His eyes portray’s the love that long ago, He showed as He hung upon the cross to show the World.
That He saves.


I awake to the desperation of your love,
I cry out like the willow tree,
wanting more rain in an evening thunderstorm;
wilting as i receive strength from up above;
My roots are planted deep,
withstanding any storm.
I may wilt at times,
but I know that your love sustains these roots of mine.
Even through the darkest times.
Your love awakens the branches
That further grow to seek others,
Bringing the ones who have no hope
To awaken them like the others, this so too I awaken.

One by One

I knew you hurt when you stumbled to the ground,
the cross so heavy to bear.
when they scoffed you, thrown the dust in your face,
you got up and one by one you marched ahead.
like a lamb led to the slaughter, you did not turn away,
kept your pace with the sin which would be erased for all man kind,
At the calling of your name.

lying there on the tree, arms stretched out ready for the beat.
one by one the soldier’s gathered, placing lots on your robe,
little did they know, you would rise in three days. Why did they bother

One by one as the nails became hammered,
your blood so perfect was splattered.
the pain would get intense, but the plan would be fulfilled as time would pass.

One by one, I march toward the end,
with my prize insight and my king Jesus ahead.
I hear you calling my name,
I stretch forth, without holding anything

His Grace

Your grace is abounding in me,
I live in the liberty that you gave me.
And how I can say your great if it wasn’t for your grace.
where I would be, who could i have been?

You have done a work in me,
and everyone can see, the handy work of your grace.
O’ Lord your great!

So keep me in your arms until it’s time for me to go,
to see your greatness throughout this land,
you have given me a second chance.


There is a place where im striving to be,
there is a hunger inside of me,
and how do I get there?
it’s by all means,
By laying down my life that you once gave; awaken the inner parts
of this man.

You are in Pursuit, not relenting for my need that i so desperately need.

Unbelieving Mind

Winning the lost, it brings me down.
To see how many are playing around,
They don’t understand, You are a call away
But they seem content with living life their way.

No more smiling face, so disgraced
By life’s give and take’s,
They’ve been brought down so many times.
Their minds have been calised by so much pain and sleepless nights,
When they lie down and say “I’ve made it another day”

They have all these question’s that they cannot find,
they are looking in the wrong place, it’s not within this World with the seeker’s and the fortune tells.
It lies in the truth, the One and only man, who took it upon Himself,
So that you might take Him by His hand.

The Greatest Love

As I stepped out on the street,
Seeing this man I had to weep.
As He fell down on the ground,
He looked up at me.

With those eyes full of love being drowned by the blood of His brow,
Of His untold love.
He told me it would not be long that this I would see.

The weight of the cross, the sins of the World,
He was led up the hill, to the place where He desired to tell,
of what had to happen in order for us to be forgiven and the veil to be torn.

I stepped back and realized
As He was nailed on that tree,
What He did was not just for me.
But for anyone who would call on His name.
That they will be found and no darkness remains.

I have heard about this story and seen with my eyes,
Of the love that He gives for those who will give up their life.

In this poem a thought came to my mind about a different perspective view; Simon from Cyrene stepping out onto the street the man whom helped Jesus carry the cross the rest of the way as they began to reach the hill of Golgotha. what a sight it must have been.

~ Lost Without You~

Where would I be if it wasn’t for your grace?
what would I do if I didn’t call on your name?
where would I have stood if you’ve never held my hand?
what would I do? I’d be lost without you.

We all can think back at a time in our life when we didn’t have a relationship with the Lord. And how terrible we felt, to have no meaning, felt empty and always searching for answers that are only found in the cross of Christ, Jesus is not about religion, He is about having a relationship, and what better relationship than to have with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lord’s. So wherever you’re at in your life, know this. There is not a hole deep enough, a cave so dark, a valley so wide that He cannot save YOU from, so why wait? Call on Him Today! Be Ready, Stay Focused & Never look back

Calvary’s Love

Upon Calvary mountain
My heart became one
By the love of the father
Sending his only son.
So I give my life to the man upon the tree
Who can save me from this death which is now defeat.

I Bring You Me

You brought love when I was lost

You brought me redemption that I cannot speak

You brought me hope when I was down

You brought me strength when I was weak

You brought me the will to do unknown things

You brought me peace in time of need

You brought comfort when I was cold

You brought me the breath that I have

You brought the spirit that lives within

You bought me with the blood

You bought me with a price

You bought my debt

You bought my pain

You bought my distress

You bought my life

I bring you praise

I bring you worth

I bring you me

The Assurance

I told you about today,
So don’t feel afraid
Though it may look impossible
I will always make a way.

I Am the Great I Am
You shall have no fear,
My name is written in the Heavens to display
the love that which had come to redeem you oh so long ago
to take up your cross and to follow.
Be not weary or dismayed the Lord your God is with you always,
so when your feeling down,
sing His name.
He will charge an angel to help you along the way;
Give you strength to carry on until your home.

wouldn’t it be something if God told us ahead of time what kind of day we are going to face? If that was the case we couldn’t walk by faith.


Jesus Has the Key

Who has the keys to both Heaven and Hell?
Christ the Lord that is,
who took all my ransom and shame,
buried with Him in the grave?

Who is it that took Him from the place?
for He is not here, but is risen, alas it has
been given, Salvation to all in His name.
Rejoice, for He is alive and remains this day.

The Provider

The Lord is my provider
He is the shelter of my life
When I have a need I call on Him I ask by faith and He supplies.

You are love that gave me life
You are the presence that I feel when I arise
You are the mercy that sustains me in trials and pain
You are grace when I make a mistake
You are the potter that puts the pieces back together
You are my strong tower in which I run in
You are the one that gave me liberty
You are the one, almighty who stays by my side at all times,
During my days Forever you will and forever will be my counselor,
my helper, Comforter, Savior and Friend for whatever reason I am in.

Break Free

Are you hiding from something inside that you’ve been trying to make right?
All by your yourself, you can’t because you’ve been trying more than once, you need help.
You just want to break free, you want to tie those loose ends that you have been dealing with
You have been trying so hard to figure it out.
But it’s getting worse, the pain that surrounds you everyday is like a breeding tank of heartache
That you have been drowning in, you’re trying to come up but it’s holding you down.

There is no way out you think, but there is.
A God that made you has named you His,
So claim Him as your prize, receive Him.
What are you hiding from?

The Great I Am

The Cross who made me whole
The man who saved my soul,
You’ve done what no other can,
You chose to die so that i may live,
You are the Great I Am

Every valley low,
Every mountain high.
I will hear your voice, i know that you are near,
For You are the Great I Am.
The whisper that let’s me know that you are one step away.
There with your hand to guide me along the path of righteousness.
Forever will be the Great I Am.

Lost Without You

Where would I be, if it wasn’t for your grace?
What would I do, if I hadn’t called on You?
How could I stand if you never held my hand?
What would I do? I’d be lost without you.

In hungry adoration I cry to you alone,
Asking for a fragrance that I can withhold,
With no regrets of looking back
I look to you for a second chance,
Knowing your grace that gives Me strength.
on my own I cannot be.
Do your will in me oh Lord, a vessel apart from this world.
To shine a light into the dark
For those who are which yet to come.

John 3:30 ” He must increase, but I must decrease.”

I need more of you
Less of me
More of you I pray

I want nothing more than to sit at your feet
Nothing less to call you Almighty King
I want nothing more than to sit at the table
Nothing less than to call you my Savior
I want nothing more but the best you have for me
Nothing less if it’s not the plan that I seek
I want nothing more than to walk beside
Nothing less to be on the other side
I want nothing more than to seek your will
Nothing less than to give you my all.

4 thoughts on “Writing’s/Poems”

    1. Thank you Mariah, I love poetry and God has seen that enough so that I can be used of!

      “Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

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