Giving Until it Hurts


She made a vow: Hannah promises her son to the work of the LORD, vowing that he will be a Nazirite from birth (I will give him to the LORD all the days of his life, and no razor shall come upon his head). According to Numbers 6, the vow of a Nazirite included the following:
I will give him to the LORD all the days of his life: The child born would be a Levite, and being of that tribe, would be already dedicated unto the LORD, because God regarded the tribe of Levi as His own special possession. But the time of a Levite’s special dedication to the LORD only lasted from the age of 30 to 50 (Numbers 4:2-3). Here, Hannah was taking something that already belonged to the LORD in some sense, and gave it again to the LORD in a greater way – for the whole life, and in a the dedication of a Nazirite, which was a greater consecration than a Levite.
Even so, we may be dedicated unto the LORD – but is there a greater dedication God wants from us? It would have been easy for Hannah to say, “I don’t need to dedicate my child to the LORD, because he is already dedicated.” But there was a deeper dedication the LORD was trying to draw out of Hannah. Is there a deeper dedication the LORD is trying to draw out of you?

A Thanksgiving Devotional

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Recognition, Not Repayment

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” –Philippians 4:6

Thanksgiving does not require any re-payment, but instead requires recognition of what our Savior has already done for us. Some people are appreciative by nature and others aren’t. It is the latter who especially need God’s power to express thanksgiving. Thankfulness is the opposite of selfishness. The selfish person believes they deserve what comes to them, but the unselfish person realizes that everything is a gift from God. During this season, survey your own life and make a list of things for which you are thankful. Maybe it is the small favor a friend did for you, the house you live in, a loved one who phoned to see how you are, a Bible study group you’re active in, the ability to walk, or the opportunity to worship freely each week in God’s house. Take some time to thank the Lord for His blessings and at least one person who has blessed your life this year.

You desire me





Since the beginning of time ever since man had fallen, God desired that their would be a way for His people to be whole once again. Before Adam & Eve had partaken of the tree, God had walked with man in the day and talked face to face. Sin entered and corrupted the human race. But God had made a plan before He had made the Heavens and Earth. ” he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.” – Gen 3:15

2000 years ago God’s only Son Jesus who was prophesied by many prophets before His time had come to Earth, walked the Earth as a human being and later became the ultimate sacrifice for us in order to have everlasting life.
When we read in Luke 22 that His time was coming to an end on Earth. He desired that His last moments would be spent with His 12 disciples known to many as The Last Supper.

Luke 22:15   “and He said unto them,  with desire I have desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer. “

Our human mind cannot comprehend the Love of God so much that we would think of someone desiring to die for us? I fathom at this verse, “I have desired…” Saying I knew what I was getting myself into, I knew that one day I was going to be hung on a cross so that you could have eternal life with Me. So that all you have done, your past mistakes and failures. “The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.”   – 2 Peter 3:9

His desire is you!

It took preparation and preparation makes perfection. When the time came perfection came into the World. How are you preparing for the Coming? You’ve witnessed of His desire for you I hope? How are we preparing for His return? He told His disciples that “I would not eat anymore thereof, until it be fulfilled in the kingdom of God.” My desire is to seek Him whole heartedly without restraints, weights or doubts keeping me from desiring more of Him.

Unfamiliar Territory

what faith is
Healing your heart, reclaiming your true identity of wholeness can feel like unfamiliar territory.  Love, even though it’s our true nature, can feel completely unfamiliar.
It takes tremendous willingness to venture into unfamiliar territory.  We often don’t bother to venture into the “unknown” unless we’re so afraid of remaining where we are that we cannot bear the thought of it.  Pain becomes the motivation.
Pain and fear can also be used like a trampoline to catapult us OUT of the suffering and onto he road of healing.  It serves a holy purpose.
Any place in your life, your body, your heart and your mind where you are experiencing pain is an indicator that you are holding very tightly to a belief that is not true.
What I love about God is that we don’t even have to know what that false belief is in order to have a complete and total healing.  All we must do is be willing to surrender it, make a holy offering of it and ask for the healing.
Once we surrender and open to receive the healing than it’s time to be mindful of our thinking.  We become observers, alert for the thoughts that feel uncomfortable and false so that we can surrender those too.  If we’re interested in our healing then we learn to commit to purification of our thinking, not a little, but completely.
Complete surrender is uncharted water for most of us.  It can feel very risky.  ”We might be called upon to give up something we need” – that’s what the ego tries to convince us of.  The fact is that everything we need is ours forever and cannot be taken away from us.  It requires tremendous willingness in order to believe that.  It takes trust and faith.  Without them, there will always be fear.
Trust and faith provide greater security than anything of this world.  To know that you must be willing to activate it through living it.  The Truth is that we risk EVERYTHING if we don’t place our Trust and Faith in Love.

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One morning as I was walking into the front door of my workplace, I had gotten their earlier than anyone else. As I began to reach for the handle of the door I looked down and stepped back in a hurry. To my amazement I had almost stepped on a bird. I stared in unbelief, “what is wrong with this bird?”, is it blind? I had went in an unpacked a few things and came back out to go to my car, and again I almost stepped on the bird that had not moved from the first time that I had almost stepped on it. unbelievable, I thought it was hurt so I knelt down and took a good look at it. It’s beady eyes that didn’t even look afraid were blinking, its head was turning, not hurt. I then scooted it with my foot to see if it would fly away or become frightened. Nothing, I then rolled a shopping cart near to it, still no movement. I then came back inside and soon one of my co-workers came in right after me. I said Rob! Come out here and look at this crazy bird, I’ve almost stepped on it, I scooted the bird with my foot and still, it didn’t even move! And did I tell you that I rolled a shopping cart near to it and still no flinch? Come out here and take a look. What are you talking about, there is no bird out there. I said ” of course there is” I looked and the bird was gone. I thought to myself, okay God, your speaking to me through this bird, What is it? ” You need to be like this bird, and not move whenever you see danger come towards you. have an unshakeable faith! That cannot be weathered by storms or circumstances or trials.”

“Why do you think that I can’t do what I have told you what I can do.”