Unfamiliar Territory

what faith is
Healing your heart, reclaiming your true identity of wholeness can feel like unfamiliar territory.  Love, even though it’s our true nature, can feel completely unfamiliar.
It takes tremendous willingness to venture into unfamiliar territory.  We often don’t bother to venture into the “unknown” unless we’re so afraid of remaining where we are that we cannot bear the thought of it.  Pain becomes the motivation.
Pain and fear can also be used like a trampoline to catapult us OUT of the suffering and onto he road of healing.  It serves a holy purpose.
Any place in your life, your body, your heart and your mind where you are experiencing pain is an indicator that you are holding very tightly to a belief that is not true.
What I love about God is that we don’t even have to know what that false belief is in order to have a complete and total healing.  All we must do is be willing to surrender it, make a holy offering of it and ask for the healing.
Once we surrender and open to receive the healing than it’s time to be mindful of our thinking.  We become observers, alert for the thoughts that feel uncomfortable and false so that we can surrender those too.  If we’re interested in our healing then we learn to commit to purification of our thinking, not a little, but completely.
Complete surrender is uncharted water for most of us.  It can feel very risky.  ”We might be called upon to give up something we need” – that’s what the ego tries to convince us of.  The fact is that everything we need is ours forever and cannot be taken away from us.  It requires tremendous willingness in order to believe that.  It takes trust and faith.  Without them, there will always be fear.
Trust and faith provide greater security than anything of this world.  To know that you must be willing to activate it through living it.  The Truth is that we risk EVERYTHING if we don’t place our Trust and Faith in Love.

– See more at: http://jenniferhadley.com/2013/07/when-trust-faith-are-unfamiliar-territory/#sthash.vI1HGaHU.dpuf


One morning as I was walking into the front door of my workplace, I had gotten their earlier than anyone else. As I began to reach for the handle of the door I looked down and stepped back in a hurry. To my amazement I had almost stepped on a bird. I stared in unbelief, “what is wrong with this bird?”, is it blind? I had went in an unpacked a few things and came back out to go to my car, and again I almost stepped on the bird that had not moved from the first time that I had almost stepped on it. unbelievable, I thought it was hurt so I knelt down and took a good look at it. It’s beady eyes that didn’t even look afraid were blinking, its head was turning, not hurt. I then scooted it with my foot to see if it would fly away or become frightened. Nothing, I then rolled a shopping cart near to it, still no movement. I then came back inside and soon one of my co-workers came in right after me. I said Rob! Come out here and look at this crazy bird, I’ve almost stepped on it, I scooted the bird with my foot and still, it didn’t even move! And did I tell you that I rolled a shopping cart near to it and still no flinch? Come out here and take a look. What are you talking about, there is no bird out there. I said ” of course there is” I looked and the bird was gone. I thought to myself, okay God, your speaking to me through this bird, What is it? ” You need to be like this bird, and not move whenever you see danger come towards you. have an unshakeable faith! That cannot be weathered by storms or circumstances or trials.”

“Why do you think that I can’t do what I have told you what I can do.”

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