The thing we call Religion

I’d like to take a second and hit on this thing we call religion I’m going to do my best to explain it with precision According to religion if I just show up to church that’s all I need With religion if I just pay my tithes then I’ll succeed With religion if I carry […]

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Unfailing Favor

” Seeing that we have such a God to trust to, let us rest upon Him with all our weight; let us resolutely drive out all unbelief, and endeavor to get rid of doubts and fears, which so much mar our comfort; since there is no excuse for fear where God is the foundation of […]

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You Pursue me

Pursue A fugitive, Criminal, thief, culprit, etc. are all wanted persons of breaking the law for a certain crime. They are pursued, but they avoid the pursuer. They are watched, but don’t realize. They are caught, and cannot escape. They now have a ransom that they cannot pay. Here is my story of the One […]

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Hiding Place

COME OUT FROM WHERE YOU ARE HIDING If i were to ask you where your hiding place would be, what would you say? When I was a child, my secret hiding place when I was hiding from my mom, or my sister would be behind the couch, I was so skinny I just slid right behind it, I would probably still fit […]

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