Gary Farris

Hi…my name is Gary Farris. If there was one word to best describe me, it would be “passionate” I am passionate about my life, my family and my church. I love my friends, guns, and food. But most of all I’m passionate about Jesus… I have been preaching for 11 years and I love it, I love helping people discover that there is more to life that has a purpose. My mission is to help people discover who they are in Christ, and the freedom that is in Him through Salvation.

I am now  at Living Waters Community Church, http://www.lwcchurch.net. as the youth/associate pastor. My goal is to raise up a generation that is different from what this world knows, a generation who knows who their God is.

Thanks for visiting! It is my desire and intentions to share the True Gospel with anyone I can. If you ever have any question’s pertaining to the Bible or to me I can be reached through the contact form below! If you have any prayer request’s I would love to help you pray over the matter.

 Gary is an ordained minister through The Full Gospel Churches of Jesus Christ” www.fullgospelchurches.org

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