Hi…my name is Gary Farris. If there was one word to best describe me, it would be “passionate” I am passionate about my life, my family and my church. But most of all I’m passionate about Jesus… I have been preaching for 13 years and I love it, I love helping people discover that there is more to life that has a purpose. My mission is to help people discover who they are in Christ, and the freedom that is in Him through Salvation.

If I’m not evangelizing at other churches. My home is at Living Waters Community Church, http://www.lwcchurch.net. as the youth/associate pastor. My goal is to raise up a generation that is different from what this world knows, a generation who knows who their God is.

Thanks for visiting! It is my desire and intentions to share the True Gospel with anyone I can. If you ever have any question’s pertaining to the Bible or to me I can be reached through the contact form below! If you have any prayer request’s I would love to help you pray over the matter.

 Gary is an ordained minister through The Full Gospel Churches of Jesus Christ” www.fullgospelchurches.org

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