I am proud to introduce to my audience a new short series called “You__me” Big “Y” emphasizing God and little “m” to represent us, His body, the church. I hope these future series will bless you and further educate you in His Word. I will focus on one word throughout the coming weeks, so check back […]

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Take the Step

Water scares me, I remember when I was a little child being on vacation I would dred the pool at the hotel. The colossal, blue chlorinated waters that I thought was deeper than the oceans! I would sit on the edge looking out as my father would be in the deepest part calling out to […]

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The Armor

Strength. Courage. Boldness. All are desirable attributes for a warrior fighting on the battlefield, but how important are they in our everyday lives? Absolutely essential! The truth is, God designed us for war and equipped us to engage the enemy on the spiritual battlefield every day of our lives.   We are never out of […]

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Compassion Chills on Mount Everest In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climbed the 29,035-foot peak of Mount Everest. Thousands followed, thanks to Nepal’s lifting its tight restrictions on climbing the legendary mountain. By 2006, more than 2,700 people had reached the summit of the world’s tallest mountain, many paying more than $60,000 for the […]

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Abiding in the Son

Abiding in the Son June 2, 2012″Indwelling heat. Not till the sun enters in, and abides in the soil, not till days and nights are struck through with warmth, is their life and glory. If this be so of the lower physical nature, how much more eminently it is true of the human soul, and of […]

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