We all know how much God longs for an intimate relationship with His creation. And the brokenness that He feels whenever one of His are lost but yet does not even know who He is. God gave me a vision of someone being lost how they view Him through a one sided window. He […]

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When God Steps In

    God loves the “impossible” situations that we may think are “impossible” but to God they are possible. It’s His specialty. There are those who try to do the impossible with their own strength but it gets them no where. Only God can heal that person of cancer; deliver the one from years and […]

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What are You Waiting For?

I’m scared of water, ever since I was a child I am terrified of it. When I take showers I have to have a towel ready for whenever I wash my face to hurry and dry my face before I open my eyes. When I watch people go under water I cringe I just cant […]

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