What are You Waiting For?


I’m scared of water, ever since I was a child I am terrified of it. When I take showers I have to have a towel ready for whenever I wash my face to hurry and dry my face before I open my eyes. When I watch people go under water I cringe I just cant imagine doing that without having a towel ready to dry my face off!

When I went to Gulf Shores, Alabama a few weeks ago I was so much in awe whenever I stood on the shore, It wasn’t my first time seeing the ocean but every time I stand on the shore I become speechless of what my eyes are seeing. Our carnal minds cannot begin to realize how big our God is, for Him to be able to create the World where we live and better yet that He chose His Son that knew no sin to become sin that we could become His children. He desires nothing more than a one on one intimate relationship that becomes deeper and deeper.

Face Your Fears

Everyone of you has a fear in your life that keeps you within your own “boundary” the line that you draw in the sand. What am I talking about? Maybe God has told you the area that you need stretched in. To grow in God is to be uncomfortable at times in your life because instead of leaning on our own understanding we begin to lean on Him.

My Fear

I’m not ashamed of who I am, of who God has made me to be. At times I find myself shy about telling others about God, I’ve always been told that your actions speak louder than words and that’s true but a one on one testimony of God’s Grace is louder than the action’s you display.

Stepping Out

I was ready to step out beyond the shore of where I was comfortable, but I hit a brick wall, my body froze when my feet touched the water. And then I heard

“Why are you standing on the edge of the shore? Step in until your consumed, head over in the water to where your consumed. Instead you stand and stare at the water while your hands are tied behind your back because of your limitations.”

I knew God was waiting for me, It was like He was out in the water waiting, waving me on. Was he speaking to me about the fear that I have about going underwater? No, He used my weakness to illustrate just how close He wants us to be to Him and that we cannot set limitations on Him, despite our fears we must trust in Him and step beyond what we can’t see. God has called each of us to higher ground but what is it that’s keeping you?


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