Psalm 25

Psalm 25:4,5 “Show me thy ways, O LORD; teach me thy paths, lead me in thy truth, and teach me.” – The psalmist wishes to know God’s way, to be taught his path, and to be led into his truth. He cannot discern this way unless God show it; he cannot learn the path unless […]

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The Modern Day Pharisee

The PHARISEES were the most considerable sect among the Jews, for they had not only the scribes, and all the learned men of the law of their party, but they also drew after them the bulk of the people. They had their appellation of Pharisees, from parish, to separate, and were probably, in their rise, […]

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Fan or Follower? Part 3

Part 3 “Diversify” “Diversify your walk in Me” An afternoon dinner party a few months back at my sisters house. Enjoying the time off and not trying to think about anything even ministry (which is hard to block out). Having a good time that I needed, relaxing, away from work, away from it all. I […]

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