Psalm 25

psalm 25Psalm 25:4,5

“Show me thy ways, O LORD; teach me thy paths, lead me in thy truth, and teach me.”

The psalmist wishes to know God’s way, to be taught his path, and to be led into his truth. He cannot discern this way unless God show it; he cannot learn the path unless God teach it; and he cannot walk in God’s truth unless God lead him: and even then, unless God continue to teach, he shall never fully learn the lessons of his salvation; therefore he adds, “Lead me in thy truth, and teach me;”

What is your prayer?

In this book of Psalms we see David’s heart being laid open for God to see the desperation of of his heart, it is at these crucial times in our life that God reminds us that we ourselves do not know the way, that we cannot teach ourselves, and we surely cannot lead ourself in the Truth, for He is the way maker, the teacher and our leader in whom we must put all of our trust into.

Let us not lose our dependency on God, but allow Him to work continually in our lives to show us the way, teach us, and to lead us into the Truth.

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