We all know how much God longs for an intimate relationship with His creation. And the brokenness that He feels whenever one of His are lost but yet does not even know who He is. God gave me a vision of someone being lost how they view Him through a one sided window. He is looking right at them but yet they see right through Him. 
A locked heart that only He has the key to open. They live their lives trying different keys to imitate the peace they want and desire in their lives by giving more and more into this World instead of letting Him; Jesus who is that key who can free them of their desperate attempts to find happiness. 
As I was sitting in the drive thru of McDonald’s one evening. The Holy Spirit directed my attention to a car that had pulled up and two young kids who looked to be around 16 was getting out of the car. I began to feel the effects of what God was feeling and He spoke so clearly saying “That generation does not even know Me” 
As tears began to run from my eyes I was praying God, save America, save this generation, make your name known! 
Without us, His people being His hands and feet it won’t be possible. Remember when it felt you had no purpose in life? Chasing things that would not fill you but left you more empty than before. Will you let God replace that stony heart that has no more emotions of brokenness when you see someone who is lost and ask Him to mend your heart into a soft state where He can lead you in the path of those who are lost? 

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