Give Me Jesus

If you were to finish this sentence, what would it be or who would it be?

Take this World but give me ___________. Would it be money, success, fame, nicest house on the block?

All of those options would be from this World. Are they to give you comfort in a time of need? Satisfaction for a moment? A desire to always have more. But what is your desire?

Our aim is not to what man offers or of what this World can offer. My aim for me is to give. Give money away? No. Give my time away? Sure, when the opportunity presents itself. Give myself away? Yes but only to One. I’m talking about giving Him my all. When we continuously give ourselves to Jesus, He takes those desires that we may have of this World and in return gives us more of Him. Believe me, I too could use some more cash these days, and more success at my job? Sure, I’l take it! But what I have to realize is to not aim at those things that are here today and gone tomorrow, we are to be content in Him. When we become content in Him, every chase for money, for fame, for success all fades away as we look to Him.

Is your heart crying out “give me Jesus”? or is crying out for more of this World?

The heart is always reaching out to something, let it reach to Him. Anything or anyone else will just be momentary satisfaction.

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