Reasons for Seasons

The trials that we face in our lives are also known as seasons. Some seasons are fruitful it seems, you have so much joy and everything is going as planned. It’s like your on a mountain top and you can see afar off. Then this comes, it sweeps you off your feet and suddenly your back in the wilderness, the valley. This is the moment when God begins to put you back on the potter’s wheel and works and molds you into what He wants you to be, you just have to let go and let God do what He must do.

These seasons are also testing seasons. I never understood fully why God kept having me go through re-occuring situations over and over again. I know I’m hard headed and for some things it takes a while for me to actually notice what I’m doing wrong. So I kept questioning God. Like a parent that is patient with their children in the early stages of walking so is God patient with us. Everyone matures at different stages with the Lord, I guess you could say he advanced me quickly but yet gentle. His Word says that He is able to keep us from falling. “Now to him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you blameless before the presence of his glory with great joy.” – Jude 1:24. 

In a prayer service God whispered  “my hand is in His hand”
When you fully surrender your life to God and allow Him to work on you, you’ll pass every test with no problem, just let Him grab a hold of your hand, He will keep you from falling.


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