You Captivate me



There is nothing more captivating than the love of God. No car, place, or person is more captivating of The grace, mercy and faithfulness that He shows to us each and every day. For some it is not even comprehensible to the natural mind, until they become captivated. It arouses the soul and makes you long for Him more and more; chasing Him as if He was worth it all, because He is. I believe as Christian’s we become dull or better yet discontented with the reality of the Gospel. You have lost sight at the “Wonderful things” of His nature.

It’s like a  rhythm causes a secret despair inside your chest. The despair causes a cycle of steps down in descending stages of crisis – you begin to fantasize about the way things could be. Then you start to worry that things will never change. This only makes you protective and fearful that everybody has it figured out but you.

The loneliness and perceived failure give birth to the last and most devastating step down: a quiet resignation that this obscurity and bleakness is to be your constant companion, pushing you toward the obscurity of a wasted life. What happened? How did we lose this fire that we once had of taking over the town for Jesus? It begins with a slow fade, until you are full of despair. Consider this: the despair is a tool God is using to show you something that will change everything – that the Jesus you once gave your life too, is still all-sufficient. In this suffering, you will finally know the fellowship of knowing Christ in His suffering’s and making Him your source for contentment. WE must give Him our dreams and let go of what we want to do or where we THINK God needs to do for us and then it would get better. Let Him kill the discontentment they cause, and replace them with the supernatural, jaw dropping, otherworldly communion with God.

“All they that heard it wondered at those things.”

“Here I am again
Not even strong enough to stand
But in Your presence, I shall find my strength
I Shall find You, I will hear from You.
In the beauty of the One I will find who I am
In the presence of the Lord.” – Gary

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