Debt Free?

Christ had no transgressions of his own; he took ours upon his head; he never committed a wrong, but he took all my sin, and all yours, if ye are believers; concerning all his people, it is true; he bore; their griefs and carried their sorrows in his own body on the tree. Sin may drag thee ever so low, but Christ’s great, atonement is still under, all; You may have descended into the deeps, but you cannot have fallen so low as “the uttermost;” and to the uttermost he saves. – Charles Spurgeon

No place where God cannot reach a lost soul, even in the deepest of sin, there is still one hope and that is Jesus Christ. We all have had a huge debt before the cross, but when we gave into Him and no more of what this World has to offer, our bill was paid in FULL.

When Yahaya Wahab’s father passed away in January 2006, Yahaya had his father’s phone disconnected and paid the final bill of $23 to Telekom Malaysia. He was then surprised to receive another bill from the phone company in April. He was utterly shocked, however, after looking at what was inside.

It was a bill for $ 218 trillion dollars, along with a threatening letter informing Yahaya that he must pay the bill within ten days of face prosecution. It wasn’t initially clear whether the monstrous charge was a mistake or if Yahaya’s father’s phone line had been illegally used after his death. What was immediately clear, however, was that the bill represented a debt that Yahaya would never be able to pay. – Associated Press, “Man Gets $218 Trillion Phone Bill,” Chicago Tribune (April 10, 2006)

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This story may sound unrealistic, but one thing that is realistic is that our debt has been paid! Only through Jesus Christ, who paid the ransom for us, we are able to live in Freedom! A bill that could have never been paid if not for the love of God, sending His only Son, so that we may have life, and life abundantly.

“And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved.” – Acts 4:12

Is your bill overdue?

~ Be Ready, Stay Focused, & Never Look Back ~

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