The Faithfulness of God

The Faithfulness of God

27 He rained meat on them like dust, winged birds like the sand of the seas;
28 he let them fall in the midst of their camp, all around their dwellings.
29 And they ate and were well filled, for he gave them what they craved.
30 But before they had satisfied their craving, while the food was still in their mouths,
31 the anger of God rose against them, and he killed the strongest of them and laid low the young men of Israel.
32 In spite of all this, they still sinned; despite his wonders, they did not believe.
33 So he made their days vanish like a breath, and their years in terror.
34 When he killed them, they sought him; they repented and sought God earnestly.
35 They remembered that God was their rock, the Most High God their redeemer.
36 But they flattered him with their mouths; they lied to him with their tongues.
37 Their heart was not steadfast toward him; they were not faithful to his covenant.
38 Yet he, being compassionate, atoned for their iniquity and did not destroy them; he restrained his anger often and did not stir up all his wrath.
39 He remembered that they were but flesh, a wind that passes and comes not again.
40 How often they rebelled against him in the wilderness and grieved him in the desert!
41 They tested God again and again and provoked the Holy One of Israel.
42 They did not remember his power or the day when he redeemed them from the foe. – Psalm 78:27-42 (ESV)

With the Israelites being enslaved in Egypt, God sent Mose’s to release them from 400 years of being in captivity. As God’s blessings began to rain down from Heaven above; On there way to the promise land, They begin to take for granted of His faithfulness and forget about His covenant. By their disobedience and without the direction of God, their journey takes a turn from the promised land to 40 years which is 14000 days of wandering in the desert. They did not remember where He brought them out of.

While it is best to not recollect, dwell, ponder on the past. It is still in a sense a powerful testimony of His power that was demonstrated in a persons life that was radical, fanatically turned from a life of sin, to a life with the King.

God is and always will be our supplier, what we ask by faith we shall receive. Most importantly, we must remember that we are flesh, a wind that passes and comes not again, grass of the field that withers and dies. Without the master, we are a slave to sin and forever will be without the wonder working power of the Cross.

~ Be Ready, Stay Focused & Never look back ~

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