Be Ready

Be Ready, Stay Focused & Never Look Back

Series 1 of 3

Genesis 18:1-22

It was hot, during the day the temperature could reach well over 100 degrees. With Abraham’s small village sitting on top of a hill that gave him a bird’s eye view in every direction; Abraham could see the whole valley even the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. With being a leader of his camp and having two dozen servants who watched over his herds and worked around the camp doing anything to help out the 99-year-old Abraham.

As Abraham was sitting in the shade, having the flap of his tent being propped up to keep his face from the blistering sun, looking out as the normal work of everyday care of the camp took place. One of his servant’s said “Look, Master….” Pointing down the trail, “Three travelers are coming this way.”

With Abraham living on top of the hill, making travel for any visitor difficult and out-of-the-way. With the main route that caravans took which was 20 miles away, Abraham knew that it must have been important.

Abraham rose up as his aging bones crackled as he said to a servant of his, “come…”Everyone were stirred because of the excitement of the travelers.

After Abraham greeted the visitor’s with water, a morsel of bread and a feet washing from the brutal trail, he pointed them to a tree for shade and rest.

Abraham then asked one of his servants to start preparing a meal for the guests, With 89-year-old Sarah kneading flour for fresh bread. “Get butter for the bread Abimelech, prepare us a table.” As Abraham rushed to prepare an exquisite meal. “Get the best cups…” he pointed to a servant. “Kill this young tender calf” Abraham said.

After the meal, the leader of the three offered appreciation to Abraham for the meal. With the children watching in the background being ready to snatch up the leftovers, they scrambled to the table to devour the leftover food and scraps.

As Abraham visited outside the tent with Sarah inside, trying to hear the conversation taking place. Abraham wanted to talk about what news the travelers knew, but they were there for other reasons, that Abraham was soon to notice. As the leader of the travelers began to speak, Abraham knew that he was in a company with deity, God in flesh and two angels who accompanied Him. After God asked Abraham where Sarah was, he then told Him that she was inside the tent. God began to tell Abraham that Sarah would soon bore a son, the promised child had finally happened! That Abraham and Sarah was disbelief in. Sarah laughed once more in disbelief, God heard and responded “Is there anything too hard for the Lord?”

How do we expect god to move if we don’t step out of the tent?

Key Points

1. God will go out of His way to show you that He is ready for you to make the next move.

We are not always waiting on God, sometimes He is waiting on us.

2. Everyone was in their comfort zones.

It was hot right? so they should-be inside? the question to ask, are we staying busy? or are we being so complacent that we have the lost the passion to further advance His Kingdom?

3. Excuses, excuses.

We all have excuses right? they were inside to keep away from the heat. So when things get heated up where do we go?

4. You may feel comfortable,but God wants to stir you up.

At the time of His arrival, the village got busy. Only at His arrival! “We must work the works of him who sent me while it is day; night is coming, when no one can work.” (John 9:4 ESV)

At the Table

The meal was set. The finest cups, delicious food, and the company that Abraham was with that evening as he began to eat with the King. A setting place that should have taken place in a large banqueting room in a castle. But God chose the place which was under a large oak tree. God does not ask of us of what we don’t have, He works with what we have. So the next time you think you have to be a pastor, a missionary to reach the World for Jesus, just start at the house next door to you.


always be ready for an encounter with God

Stay attentive and be ready for the next task that He places in front of you.

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