Salvation Recognized

So many people do not accept Christ because they know they can’t be perfect, they will fail Him at some point. And is this why Jesus came? Why yes it is! We cant be perfect, impossible. And what to think of a God, the only God that aligned the stars and gave names to each of them who looked down upon creation and knew that they needed a savior; Someone that can be an intercessor whenever they fail God. Not only that, but a comforter when they are hurting, a counselor when they need someone to talk to, a healer for when they need to be healed, a teacher whenever they need to be taught, a financial advisor for there finances. He does not only do that through His Son, but breaks the chains off the alcoholic that takes the hurt out onto his wife, the drug addict that spends his fortunes on the next high, or for the homosexual that believes they were made that way. It is all here, everything we need is in Him, when are we going to realize to surrender our life to give Him glory and fame for what He can do in our own life?

Why wait until tomorrow?

Recognize the Salvation and submit to Him.

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