Living With Intentions

In the book of Habakkuk, which is a book that everyone skips because there are only 3 chapters it can be easily missed. We see Habakkuk’s heart and the complaining that Habakkuk is portraying to God. Habakkuk is seeing all this evil and corruption and is asking God “how much longer are you going to let this go on?”

We will never know God in our lifetime. We can know his attributes of His character, such as His love, grace, mercy, etc. But while us humans are finite (with limits and boundaries) God is infinite (without limitations or boundaries) we can only have faith in Him. But as we read the chapter of Habakkuk, he is having a hard time trusting in God, we see the heart that Habakkuk has. With his intentions we begin to see the true character play out before us. Habakkuk was starting to doubt God.

Every Christian has questions that they are waiting to be answered by God. Will we have those questions answered in our lifetime? Maybe, Maybe not. But does that mean we should give up and walk away, like a child who doesn’t get their way we should have a pity party? If we live a life on intention that is fueled by the Holy Spirit we won’t have those moments where we want to give up. If we begin to set time apart from our own little crazy world and let down our guard for the Holy Spirit to work in every detail of our attitudes, motives, and of course our intentions we will begin to think more clearly and deeply, thus resulting in a strengthened, changed relationship with our Father.

I have a heart for the lost, I cannot empower others, tell others, live a life that shows the character of God if myself is not empowered by the Holy Spirit. If I were not living with intentions it would be impossible. My prayer lately has been “let me have more of you Lord!” As I begin to pray that God answers back with “Let Me have more of you.” As John writes in the third chapter “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

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God speaks to us is many ways, through prayer, a Word of knowledge, or just by reading His Word. Just as Jesus was in Capernaum, He had to have some alone time with His Father. While everyone was brought to Him to be healed, He needed to be strengthened. We need not to neglect the one thing. Intimacy.


The result of living with intentions fueled through spiritual intimacy will change your world and the world around others. It will bring you to new levels of intimacy as you are fueled by the Holy Spirit. And ask yourself

Am I living a life of intentions fueled by the Holy Spirit?


I challenge you to start taking time out of your hectic schedule to get away with God, if its only for an hour.


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