I love this time of the year! watching the leaves change colors, and most of all are the bon fires that I like going to. With evenings dropping down to the mid 50’s it feels good to stay close to a fire. I stayed near the fire as much as I could at the church bon fire, I felt warm and safe. But once everyone started leaving I had to make myself walk away.

God in a way has the characteristics of a fire. If we stay near to Him, we are protected, we feel safe in knowing that His Word never fails, and His Spirit guides us and leads us with discernment. He is able to work on us more since we are near to Him, He consumes us down to the core. As the Psalm of 51:10 describes “Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. 

But when we don’t pursue going closer to the fire, complacency creeps in and before you know it we start backing up and not realizing the numbness of the cold. We forget that His strength will sustain us through it all.


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