Feeling Empty?


Are you longing for something more in life but just can’t put a finger on it? It’s a empty feeling like a missing piece that you don’t have. Maybe you’ve tried other things like alcohol, sex, drugs or anything that made you feel a “high” that lasted for a short time. But it’s getting worse, you keep wanting more but you feel the same, empty. 

I know of a remedy. I know someone who can take residence. Filling in that emptiness in your life. You’ve been trying things trying to imitate the feeling of peace in your life. But truthfully, the only “thing” is not a “thing”. It’s a person who loves you so much he displayed it on a cross so you could have freedom from those “things” and experience a peace that I cannot explain. Am I talking about religion? Not at all. His name is Jesus and He longs to be in a relationship with you! Only He can fill that void. If this emptiness is leading you to questions look no further. He is the answer! 

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