Walk in His Presence

We are not our own, we are His! When God walked with Adam in the cool of the day He too walks with us everyday. But how aware are you of His presence? As you draw closer to God He desires to reveal the beauty of His face to you, as we walk with Him, he will open the scriptures to us through the spirit of wisdom and revelation and reveal to us the light of the Glory of God that is to be found in Him.

“Who else can compare to you O Lord?
I’ve seen your work and your faithfulness to me,
How could I turn back and walk away?
I will pursue you and not let go
My heart longs for you; everyday let it grow.
Your majestic beauty that I long to see,
Awaken my spirit to feel you closer to me.
Let me not be lead by my emotions but with passion.”

Honor and majesty are found in His presence; strength and joy are found in His sanctuary
– 1 Chronicles 16:27

be ready stay

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