Three Words…

Those three words I can never hear enough of


It’s finished, I hear as they walk into my office. My first thought is “have they cut any corners In order to get it done sooner? I hope not.” As I walk out onto the sales floor my mind is thinking of different possibilities of how I would have done it. “What do you think?” they ask as if they are itching for a good response from me. It looks great! Good job, giving credit where credit is due.

I love hearing those words “It is finished” from my employees, its a sense of relief of things getting done; completion, ideas turned into reality. “As long as you dont cut corners, it will look great” I say to them before they begin a project.

I’m responsible for work to get done, and i’m responsible for myself. God will judge me and me alone for my actions. I can’t blame them on anyone else for things that I have done that’s not right in the eyes of God. “As long as you dont cut any corners…” We all have tried to cut corners in our work place and in the spiritual sense. Let’s start out by skipping church or not reading the Word on a daily basis; excuses. We all have excuses but if we could see our spiritual man that every time we give in to those excuses, we are starving ourselves to a point where we get “immuned” to the habit of cutting back here and there. Will it be worth it in the end?

It Is Finished

I’m a mess, no sugar coating or acting. I am disaster without Him, my Jesus.
I’m hard headed and wants things in an instant, patience, whats that? I struggle with waiting for things to happen. I’m an anxious, nervous skinny man, who always tries to outsmart God or by putting Him in a box. I always try and get ahead of Him, but like always He’s quicker. As I get older I’m questioning things of why I’m not married yet? I’m 27, I’m supposed to have 2 kids and a wife by now, right? Not for me at the moment I’m thinking. Lets face it, we are His creation, were always going to try and outsmart His will for us in our life. But one thing we all can do as He reminds me every time I step into prayer, “Seek my face and you will find Me, rest in Me, it is finished”

As I was writing this blog God reminded me of Mark 16:3,4    ” And they were saying to one another, “Who will roll away the stone for us from the entrance of the tomb?”And looking up, they saw that the stone had been rolled back—it was very large.

We Christians try to do most of the work ourselves when its already been done. The mountains in our life has already been rolled away, just have faith in God.

over 2000 years ago God’s only son was bruised, beaten, scorned and gave the ultimate sacrifice for us to live in freedom and to be with Him one day. What is it that’s keeping you from finishing a task that God has given you, is it fear? a bondage? Three words that Jesus cried out as His body gave out to the physical damage.

It Is Finished.

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