This Journey Called Life

My own desires and passions have swallowed me so deep
That I had replaced them with nothing but bitter-sweet melodies that at times make me want to scream.

I walk aimlessly through the day awaiting Your leading, Your direction and without patience I make my move
Finding out that I have went down the wrong path.

But through it all You lead me out so that I may try again.
You tell me, one foot behind Me, one hand in Mine as we journey along this journey called life.

This Journey Called Life


May we never place our wants in front of our needs. We may want a lot of things in life that fulfill us for a momentary time, not only spiritual but in the physical life of things. We may focus on our career at times more than Christ and we may want to do things that we Want to do but does God? These past few months God has shown me that our needs are in Him, not of this World. How could I have forgotten that? Because my focus was not entirely on Christ, my object of faith was not entirely in Christ. May we find the joy that He alone has for us when we walk alongside of Him with one hand in His.


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