All Access


Just think for a moment, that if  you could have an all access pass to that one band or an individual that you have always wanted to meet, who would it be?  The person that I would like to meet would be Kari Jobe, to have all access to visit her in backstage or even a cup of coffee and just hang out would be awesome. So what is the point of this blog post?  That band, or a specific individual that you would like to meet, even me meeting Kari Jobe does not even compare, come close to having all access with only person that transformed my life. So who is this person?

We live in a society where people want the latest scoop about a celebrity’s life. If it’s something that they can model after, they will. From haircuts to fashion, they must have the latest trend to “fit in”. I have a different outlook on that.

A little over 2000 years ago a man named Jesus Christ chose to suffer on a Cross for you and I to have all access. He tore the veil that kept us from having a one on one relationship with God, He is the way! So when you’re looking for the latest trend or somebody to model after, He is the one to model after. After all, who wouldn’t want all access to the God of this universe?

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