One of my favorite types of Worship groups are those who were born from a church, not just any church but a spirit filled church that is isn’t scared of pursuing His presence in an atmosphere that could break any addiction off a persons life just by them walking in the doors! That is this church. In Redding California you find a church that I had just described. Jesus Culture is one of many groups that has emerged out of this location, from Brian and Jenn Johnson to Bryan and Katie Torwalt are just a few to name that has dynamically set the stage for powerful anointed worship. Jesus Culture has many great songs that pierce the heart, but one in particular that is different from the rest titled “Pursuit” from the “Live From New York” with Martin Smith album. I can’t stop listening to this song, i’m pretty sure i could listen to this song on repeat all day and i would not get tired of listening to it…ever. A title of a song that is simple but yet powerful “Pursuit”. Made me think for the moment that I am in. God is leading me on this roller coaster ride of self ambitions that I have always wanted to accomplish during my lifetime. I have dreams like every body else and it seems like as is they or one of them is coming true at this moment, this season, this time of my life that I am getting to experience.

I love working, I always have ever since I started when I was 16, I like being able to look back and see completion in what I do, I am a firm believer for whatever you do show the pride in doing so, and be good at it. And i love what I do for my full-time job. But I always had the urge, the risk of starting my own business that I could pursue myself. I already have Nitty Gritty Auto Detailing (nittygrittyautodetailing.wordpress.com)  but that is seasonal and I don’t stay as busy with it like I would like to be. I was wanting something that held more responsibility, something that people would keep coming back too, and that everyone likes of all age groups. I had been working on my day’s off helping a friend of mine that is a vendor for Little Debbie and we started talking. He told me that I should start in the bulk candy biz. He showed me the number’s and I took off. I knew my dad had wanted to retire in the next three years and thought that this would be something that would keep me and him busy at. I showed him the numbers and he took off! We both were stoked and started Farris Vending on September 14th of 2013.

We are never to go by feeling’s whenever we have a decision such as this arises or with anything else. Yes, I was in prayer before I “took off”. One evening I was in the prayer closet asking God “Is this for now? Do I have your favor?” and I heard the spirit saying “You are capable” That was the assurance that God had favor in this situation. And the cool thing about it, whenever I close a sale with an owner of a business I feel God’s presence reminding me that He is in favor of what I am pursuing.

Whatever you are pursuing in your life, remember this one thing to keep God in pursuit at all times, let him be your guide in every decision that you make.  Just because it feels “right” doesn’t mean that it is going to work out that way.

“Go for the maximum, not the minimum. Choose to go after more than just the bare minimum God has to offer you. Make your faith about more than just trying to escape hell and get your ticket punched to heaven. Invite God to completely transform you: bending your will, awakening your conscience, breaking your heart, transforming your mind, overcoming your prejudices, soaring in your spirit, and conforming you into His glorious image.” – Crosswalk.com

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