A New Ministry, A New Opportunity

new spirit

I would like to introduce to you a ministry that I will be part of in spring of 2013. Teaming up with a fellow minister of mine; God has called us into a ministry that is very unique from the rest. A ministry that is focused on the mentally challenged community that will be mentoring approximately from 10-50 individuals each week at a large facility.

 Welcome, New Spirit Outreach Ministries.

My Story: I have had interest to help the disabled community for quite some time now. With a friend that is disabled I know he finds it hard for him to feel welcomed in a church that is not made for his special abilities. And with a challenge of learning, I have had to work extra hard with him to understand the Gospel. But don’t think I’m wasting my time, People ask me how God judges them, my response “Leave that for God, so help them while we still have time.” It’s an invisible society that most would see and pass on by without mentioning the Gospel, these are people as just as much as you and I are, they have a soul that needs nourished, a heart that needs to be filled and a mind that needs to be enlightened with the Gospel.

The Mission:

– To educate, mentor, pastor, mentally challenged individuals and to further their knowledge of the Gospel.

– To present a Christian view on disability issues.

The Vision:

– To reach all disabled individuals with the Gospel

– To have multiple locations


As we embark on this ministry, we are asking for your continued support of prayers! I will keep you updated and a page devoted just for New Spirit Outreach Ministries!

New Spirit Outreach Ministries is an outreach of the Full Gospel Churches of Jesus Christ.

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