Tomorrow’s Hope

It certainly is not possible for us to be in a position where Omnipotence cannot assist us. God hath servants everywhere. There are “treasures hid in the sand,” and the Lord’s chosen shall eat thereof. When the clouds hide the mountains they are as real as in the sunshine; so the promise and the Providence of God are unchanged by the obscurity of our faith, or the difficulties of our position. There is hope, and hope at hand, therefore, let us be of good cheer. When we are at our worst let us trust with unshaking faith. Recollect that then is the time when we can most glorify God by faith. – Charles Spurgeon

Q: Ever been down in the dumps? Q: Having a not so good attitude? Q: What made it become like that?

A: When we begin to let our outlook on the problem being the outcome.

Magnify the problem = minimizing Him
Magnify Him = minimize’s the problem

Self cannot fix what human dilemma offers, Jesus is the cure for human dilemma, nor a humanistic psychologist can do the wonder working power of the Cross.

There is hope for today, tomorrow & the future. Let us place out hope in the only One who gives it.

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