The Life Raft

Have you ever seen how the ship cuts through the billows, leaving a white furrow behind her, and causing the sea to boil around her. Such is life, says Job, “like the swift ships.” It has a destination, it has a purpose. So too in our lives, we each have a purpose, and a destination that we choose. We can choose to steer our own ship and encounter situations that we cannot handle ourselves until He leads you in the parts of the ocean, where your ship is scraping rock bottom, and right before the hull of this ship begins to give way, that you recognize a life raft floating in the water. Some choose to stay in the ship and drown, most would take the free offer of getting saved.

For one day our ship will reach its end on this journey that we are embarked on. Whether we choose to drown in the deep abyss of total darkness or float on the raft.
So who is your captain and where is your eternal destination? Will you take the life raft?


One thought on “The Life Raft”

  1. “Invictus”, a poem by William Ernest Henley, states “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.” What William Henley FORGOT to realize is that only God can be the master of his fate and the captain of his soul. If we are constantly trying to be in control of our ship, we will never get anywhere! God has to be the one directing and steering us. This poem “Invictus” sets a scene of despair, darkness, and desolate time.
    Invictus- “My head is bloody, but unbowed.” He obviously didn’t take time out to pray and let God be the Captain of his ship.

    If we will realize God needs to be in control, and let him guide are ship we will be much better off. There may be some title waves come along, but with God nothing is impossible. Let him take the dark, desolate place, and be the beacon of light that stears the ship to the shore.

    Luke 1:37 ~ “For with God nothing will be impossible.”

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