You Anoint me


You Anoint me

When you had that oil on you, you began to glow. It was those nice aromatic oils, those nice spicy oils that made a nice warm glow on your skin. If you rubbed it on your skin you began to feel warm, you began to glow. Why? Because God was using in the Old Testament, a type, a picture. The whole Old Covenant is a picture of what was to be fulfilled in the New. God was using a symbol, a picture in oil, of what He was to do with His Holy Spirit; that when His Holy Spirit would come upon people it would have that effect – a glow, a warm glow, a nice effect.

Anointing in the Old covenant

Judges 6:3 (paraphrased)

Gideon, this mighty man – the angel came to him to tell him that God had called him, and he was hiding away from the Philistines. The angel came and said, “God is with you, Gideon, you mighty man of valor.” And I think Gideon looked around and said, “Who are you talking to? Who me?”

“Yes you.”

“Me, a mighty man of valor?”

“No, you’re a little wimp, but I am going to make you into a mighty man of valor. Now the first thing you do is go down and cut down that idol that your father and his family are worshiping.”

So you know what this mighty man of valor did? He sneaked in at night when nobody was looking, and cut it down. But you see, he took a step in the right direction. And the Scripture says, “And the Spirit of God came down on Gideon.” Then he stood up and blew the trumpet! Well, you cannot hide when you blow a trumpet. Something happened to this little wimp when the anointing of the Spirit of God came on him. He had a new power, he had a new boldness. And he went and defeated the whole Philistine camp with 300 men. Talk about change! The anointing of God will do that to a person. It will bring change. It will bring power. It will bring strength, and it will bring wisdom and boldness.

Anointing in The New covenant

Jesus was speaking about a new kind of anointing. He was speaking about an inner anointing. He was speaking about an anointing that was for you, not for others but for you. It is for you to tap into yourself. It is for you to sink down your bucket and to draw from yourself. It is to tap into for your own needs; for your own thirst; for your own hunger, whatever your needs are. Jesus was offering a source, a power within that you can tap into yourself. He was speaking about a new kind of anointing. He was speaking about an inner anointing. How does that inner anointing come about? By the Holy Spirit coming to dwell within, not upon but within.

Differences between Old and New

Old Testament: Given to Select People Only

So we see there is a difference between the Old Testament and the New. In the Old Testament we see that they had an external anointing only. In the New Testament we see that believers still have the external anointing. But we have now a new power that has been placed within us that can gush forth from within.

In the Old Testament God gave His anointing only to selected individuals. In the New Testament, “Whosoever will may come.” Peter said, “This promise is to you and to all that are far off, and to your children, even to as many as the Lord our God shall call.” This promise is to everyone who accepts Jesus. This promise is to everyone who believes. This promise is to every single person who is born again of the Spirit of God.

New Testament: Given to all!

Acts 2:1-4 ESV

When the day of Pentecost arrived, they were all together in one place. And suddenly there came from heaven a sound like a mighty rushing wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting. And divided tongues as of fire appeared to them and rested on each one of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance.

You don’t have to wait for God to say, “Well, you’re my favorite. I am choosing to give you this anointing.” You have a right to this anointing! Jesus paid the price. He shed His blood to give you this anointing. It is your right, it is your inheritance, and He has given you His robe of righteousness. And He has given you the right to reach out and to take what He has bought for you at Calvary. It is yours, believer. Every single one who knows Jesus as their Savior has the right to that anointing.

–          In the Old Testament the Spirit came upon. In the New Testament the Spirit is within.

Ezekiel 47

Ezekiel had a vision where he saw the temple and he saw from the threshold, the door of the temple and there was water pouring out, water trickling out in a stream. Everybody knows this passage so well, it has been preached so well. Everybody is talking about the river of God. “Get in the river.”

And the angel came and measured up, and each time he measured up the water became deeper. It started up to the ankles, then up to the knees, then up to the thighs. Then it became a raging river that you had to swim in. It is the river of God; it is the anointing of God. It is the power of God. It is the external anointing, the outpouring of God’s Spirit. You had to get in it.

A River in You

Well, the Old Testament saints had the river. They could get in the river. But I want to tell you something, if you are a New Testament saint you have a river in you! You can give out the river. You don’t have to go and get in the river; you can give out the river. “Out of his innermost being,” Jesus said, “He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow
rivers of living water.” John 7:38.

why live on yesterday’s anointing?

God wants to give His anointing to everyone. But have you stepped into your
fullness and potential? Don’t let your past ruin what God has for you today.
Don’t be too busy to hear His voice. Learn how to wait patiently for God’s
perfect timing and the promotion that will be here tomorrow. The fresh anointing
is available to you…right now.