Leave the Wilderness Changed

Like others, I have too had to adapt to this “quarantine” “Stay at Home” or “Lose Your Mind” kind of lifestyle. It’s like life halted all at once, because it has. Everything was comfortable, normal, we were in control of when and where we wanted to go and BAM! We were left with the economy spiraling downwards, millions of unemployment within three weeks and our lives would be changed. But for the better?

We ask ourselves, what was the point in all of this?

It’s like we have been scattered in a wilderness of isolation, desolate, uninhabited and deserted by others. Let’s face it, isolation is a wilderness!

But I want to point out that the “wilderness” is an invitation. How is that?

God may be shaking us, wanting us to re-prioritize our lives and re-align ourselves for the better. He may be showing you areas in your life where you need to repent, areas that you are lacking. For some, it is a hard thing to do. But it’s been done before.

The Israelites: When they were in their “wilderness” God provided; not for days ahead but each day He made provision. – Exodus 16

Hagar: When she fled into her “wilderness” a promise was revealed to her by an angel of the Lord about her son who was Ishmael. – Genesis 16

Jesus: After being baptized in water by John, Jesus was led into His “wilderness” where he was tempted for forty days and forty nights by the enemy, preparing Him for His ministry. – Matthew 4

The Wilderness is an invitation into dependence. 

Sometimes invitations from God are not wrapped in a pretty bow. Most times it’s going to cause discomfort and loneliness. But remember that we never graduate from being dependent on God to being independent from God.





An Invitation for Change.

Are you at that point in your relationship with God where it seems like your stuck in a rut? You desire to be closer, you hear His whispers saying “Come closer” but yet your feet is stuck in that rut, and all you want is a change.

God has really opened up my eyes these past few months. I’ve been in a rut and I mean a deep one. A fight, a daily battle in my mind.

But what is it that’s causing you to be stuck?

I’m 27 and I’m not married, I do believe God has someone for everyone but i’m impatient and hard headed. I’ve let the enemy sway me on my own course it seems in trying to find ms right on my own terms and at my timing. And I’m worried, but I shouldn’t be I know His Promise that He has told me but waiting is not something I like doing. A verse I repeat over and over is Romans 8:28 ” And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.”

God has reminded me over and over to seek Him continually. For others it may be an addiction that it seems you cant walk away from. YOU can’t do it yourself, friend it takes the power of His blood and walking and knowing that the power that rose Him from the dead will free you! I have tried and tried to free myself but I fail every time. If you desire to be changed or a better word “transformed” go after God, seek Him continually.

Declare a new season in your life in Jesus name. Now is the time!